Yemen Fact Sheet


National Symbol: 
Geographic Area: 
Time Zone: 
UTC +3
Temperate in the western mountains, humid along the coast, extremely hot and arid in the interior
25.13 million (April 2011 est.)
Major Cities: 
  • Sana'a
  • Aden
  • Taiz
US Consulate/Embassy Contact Info: 
Embassy Ambassador: Gerald Michael Feierstein Public Affairs Section: Dhahr Himyar Zone, Sheraton Hotel District, PO Box 22347 Telephone: (967) (1) 755-2000, extension 2153 or 2266 Emergency after-hours telephone: (967) (1) 755-2000 (press 0 for extension) or (967) 733-213-509
British Consulate/Embassy Contact Info: 
PO Box 3337 Sana'a Road KM7 Hodeidah, Yemen Phone: (967) (3) 238130/131, 238958 Fax: (967) (3) 211533, 238269
Canadian Consulate/Embassy Contact Info: 
Bldg 4, Street 11 of Haddah Street PO Box 340 Sana'a Yemen
Daily Life
Official Language: 
Secondary Languages: 
  • English (in major cities)
Yemeni Rial ($1 = 215.5 YER, as of April 2012)
Legal Drinking Age: 
Drinking Rules: 
  • forbidden in public
  • designated driking establishments
  • other
Drinking Rules, other: 
Alcohol consumption is generally prohibited in Yemen, but alcohol may be available in cities and some hotels at high prices. Any public drunkenness should be avoided.
Legal Driving Age: 
Driving Rules: 
  • drive with your national license
  • drive on right side of road
  • other
Driving Rules, other: 
Travel by road in Yemen is risky. Traffic laws are often ignored, making intersections and traffic lights dangerous. Yemeni law specifies driving on the right, but sometimes Yemenis drive on the left. There are many underage drivers.
Tipping Customs: 
Tipping is not customary and is not expected at local tea shops and restaurants. At Western-style establishments, leaving coins and/or <5% is acceptable, but not expected.